Animals Idioms and Proverbs

Animals are a huge part of our lives. We live with them, we work with them, and we admire them. We also use them in our idioms and proverbs. Here are a few articles about where some of these English language phrases came from.

Horse Idioms and Proverbs (and Their Possible Origins) Horses and humans have had a close relationship for thousands of years, so they are common in our idioms and proverbs. This article includes a few of our more commonly used horse phrases, their meanings, and the possible origins behind them.

 Bird Idioms and Proverbs (and Their Possible Origins) Birds show up frequently in common English idioms and proverbs - “It’s time to teach Jimmy about the birds and the bees.” “A little birdie told me that you’ll probably get the job.” Have you ever wondered where these sayings come from?

Cat and Dog Idioms (and Their Possible Origins) The origin of a phrase such as "fighting like cats and dogs," is obvious, but have you ever wondered where idioms such as "sick as a dog" and "the cat's out of the bag" came from?

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