Pet-related Articles

Can Cats and Birds Live Together in the Same House? Many animal lovers enjoy the company of both cats and birds, but are afraid to keep both pets in the same house. Here's how it can be done.

Adding Fruits and Vegetables to Your Pet Bird's Diet Which fruits and vegetables are safe for your bird, and how do you get him to eat them? Getting your bird to eat his fruits and vegetables can be difficult, however, it's not impossible.

Why do Cats Leave Hunting Trophy Gifts?  Does your cat leave small animals at the back door or toys at the foot of your bed? Did you ever wonder why?

The Ethics of Keeping Pet Birds/ Caged Birds While not as common as cats and dogs, birds are popular pets. However, some people are opposed to the idea of keeping birds in cages, or even in homes. Here's a bird owner's point of view on the topic.

Weird Cat Behaviors Explained Why do cats drink out of the toilet? Why do they like to lick our heads or our hair? Find out the reasons behind these and a few other weird cat behaviors.  

Understanding Cat Talk Cats are vocal creatures, and they say more than just a basic "meow." They purr, hiss, growl, and chirp. What is your cat trying to tell you when she makes these sounds?

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